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Join Silo Squad

Mission: Growth

Silo Squad is the team responsible for growing Silo’s community across the globe. We will work together to build the strongest and most engaged community in the blockchain. We ideate, plan, and execute growth initiatives and learn - super fast.

Benefits: Glory

  • Attain "Silo Squad" status in Discord, Twitter, and other communities.

  • Work directly with the founders and our partners, and build your network.

  • Receive invites to alphas, brainstorming sessions, closed AMAs. Contribute to the roadmap.

  • Merch, gifts, and other perks. We might pay for your massage, or fly you somewhere. Who knows! We can be damn creative.

  • Establish a position in the community and the project as we roll out governance.

  • Some money - maybe more than money! You’ve got to believe it.

  • Prove yourself and sky is the limit.

Expectation: Damn High

  • You wear Silo as a badge of honor. You are part of it now.

  • You’re cool, all about pushing the boundaries, hungry, respectful. 

  • You see Silo being the largest lending protocol.

  • You can take on a project from A-Z. Ask for resources and you will get them. 

  • You are happy to lend a hand to fellow Squad members.

  • You're loyal, disciplined, and consistent.

  • You believe input = output.

Projects: Dream it. Do it.

You can work on anything you want but here are some of the things we need:

  • Create content such as videos, gifs, memes, posts, articles, etc.

  • Partner with communities and quality influencers and get them to write/post something about us.

  • Organize AMAs, Clubhouse discussions - stream live - we will be there.

  • Create localized communities. 


And many more things...

Submit your interest

Thank you for your application! We may contact you to request for more details.
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