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Updated: Mar 4

In classical antiquity, the Celestial Solstice was harnessed by the Ancient Greeks as a means of navigating the vast, dangerous, and complex Earth.

In the technological present, Silo’s Solstice will enable NEETS, degens, and brainlets alike to navigate the not so vast, equally dangerous, and far more complex decentralized lending space.

What is Solstice?

Growth in Defi has created abundant opportunities to generate profits. However these opportunities are often complex to understand and risky to make use of.

Solstice aims to be the go-to knowledge hub for lending to turn unwary investors into wary ones. Proper education will allow users to fully understand lending platforms in order to maximize earnings and manage risks.

If you have any question, reach out to the team and community in #solstice discord channel.

What we have published so far

So far two series have been started with several more in the works:

  • “Lender Beware” series: a deep dive into the different lending approaches on the market and how this dictates lenders’ risk

  1. Lending Risk

  2. Shared-Pools

  3. Lending Pairs

  4. The Siloed Solution

  • “History of Exploits” series: an overview of lending platform exploits and what can be learnt from them

  1. Rari Capital

  2. Hundred Finance

These are just examples of the type of content we aim to publish.

Our goal is to build Solstice into the go-to knowledge hub of everything lending, and for that we need your help!

You can contribute

At Solstice we are looking for high quality contributions that can educate the broader crypto community about lending.

The form of the content is up to the contributor - the only requirements are that it is high quality, educational, and non-inflammatory. Linking back to Silo is recommended but not essential for your work to be accepted.

Content format accepted

  • Article

  • AMA

  • Interview

  • Video

  • Twitter threads

For now, we are only accepting contributions in English.

Some examples could be:

  1. Article - an article exploring general risks such as liquidations

  2. AMA - organize an AMA with the Silo Team (and perhaps some of our partners) for any burning questions you or the community may have

  3. Interview - organize an interview with the Silo Team and discuss your thoughts on lending, the Silo project, and the general crypto space

  4. Video - explains the mechanism behind Silo’s bridged lending pair and how this builds upon issues in shared-pool and lending pair platforms

  5. Twitter thread - a thread exploring yield strategies that could be implemented using the Silo platform

How to contribute

  • Go to our Governance Forum

  • Create a proposal under the Contribution Proposals category

  • Post a brief about your contribution that includes:

  • Content format

  • Topic

  • Goal

  • A brief about yourself (past work for example)

  • Cost (how much you expect to get paid) - you can also leave this part out

  • Contact details (discord username / TG, or email if you prefer email)

  • Post your proposal in #solstice Discord channel and discuss it with the community.

Once posted, the team will review your submission within 48 hours and give you feedback. If approved, you can start working on it.

Be rewarded for your contributions

As per our recent governance proposal, Silo has opened a contributor fund that rewards active contributors for their work.

Pay varies depending on many factors, including the quality of your work, your audience size, the depth of your work, however, we are comfortable making payments in the following brackets:






Video is also published on creator’s channels

​Article (Blog post)


Article is published on Solstice but may be shared on own channel if wanted

Interview (written)


Article is also published on creator’s channels

Interview (Podcast/Video)


Video is also published on creator’s channel



Video is also published on creator’s channels/communities

Tweet Thread


Published on creator’s twitter

Other formats

Contact the team

*Payouts are made in USDC or $SILO (30-day price average using Coingecko API)

NOTE: The quality of the work must meet team and community standards to receive compensation.

For those navigating the Lending Space, let Silo’s Solstice be your guide

​​Find us: Twitter | Discord| Governance | Docs | Website

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